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Eight Winds Reiki
Harmony, Balance and Wellness

Can Reiki Help You?

Would you like to feel more in control of your life and health?
Is stress complicating your daily living?
Do you have a medical condition and want to feel better while supporting your healthcare?

Are you generally healthy, but carrying a few unwanted pounds or having trouble sleeping?

Are you interested in improving your connection to your spiritual nature?

Do you simply wish to feel better?

Reiki treatment can help. 

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) treatment is balancing at every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It can help anyone, anywhere, and at any time. If you are tired, you may feel refreshed. If you are anxious, you can feel serene. If you are distressed or overwhelmed, you can find comfort and a renewed sense of self.  These internal changes are typically accompanied by physical changes that indicate deep relaxation such as moderated breathing and slower heart rate.
Most people notice marked results with the first session, and the benefits increase with repeated treatment. When administered in an emergency situation, changes are often felt within the first five to ten minutes.
Reiki is not invasive and completely safe and may be added to any other modality or medical treatment you may be receiving. It is intended to enhanceNOT to replace your current regimen.

Charlie Mayer is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).  Eight Winds Reiki is located in Evanston, Illinois on Chicago's Northshore.
Charlie Mayer - RMT
Eight Winds Reiki - Harmony, Balance and Wellness
Charlie Mayer - Certified Reiki Master Teacher - IARP
Evanston, Illinois
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